An Hour Past Rain (2020)

(Posted as Evangala Christ)

An hour past rain, still drank in by the soil
Leaves reaching off twigs, still living through an hour past rain,
that the people are celebrating its forever ago finishing

Past living as present.
Clocks tick, but the seconds aren’t relevant
The ground inhales as the people exhale their turmoil
All the people know are theories
so maybe that’s what feeds the soil?

I don’t want to sound too rhymey
I hate it when I sound too rhymey
but I also hate when I can’t rhyme

Hands interlocked
Thousands of feet harden, and flatten the sidewalk
The light of a star in the vast, spacious, black sky
Pierce the people’s blood glass eyes
that star died out thousands of years ago
but the people’s word has yet to tell them so

Past living as present.
I am born alive, and dead, all in the same life
All in the same second
All in the same non-appliable concept of second

All knowledge written and told
is merely what a pen, tongue, words, expression, communication, and human grasp could hold
All the people know are theories
Deemed a synonym for facts
All the people know are theories
So maybe life’s just that
just that