Big Kid Now (2020)

Tell me,
ain’t it funny how
you can call me selfish
It truly make me laugh out loud,
’cause the truth is you’re just childish
Can’t believe you cannot see it

Decisions change lives
Some see it as a game,
or you could see it as the reality of the way
that…yo, moves don’t mean shit
you gotta be strategic

But some just choose to take the easy way,
Lie, manipulate, everyday,
so you can say what you want
I don’t care, you can call me brutish,
say that I’m stand-off-ish,
that I “think I’m the shit”

’cause the truth is I’ve noticed a pattern
In the board game we blindly play,
and if they don’t win they like to say…
I was “a wimp”
“too buttoned up”
“a cheater”

Now please go ahead, and drink from that cup,
’cause numbers don’t mean anything
I’m not a sore loser that’s how you grow up
you’re welcome,
for the wisdom

Just stop getting caught up…
in blowing up
and one-ing up
and wasting all your bills on a chain that’s fake that you can talk up

I’m done…I’m done.
I’m done…I’m done.

You’re a big kid now.