Human (remix) (2020)

I am a human
Blood fills my throat
when you ask me why I don’t love you no more
amd maybe I should have said more, but I just froze
Why do I do this? Why do I?

I guess I’m stupid, give all my trust
just for someone to tell me my fear is love
and I deserve better, or do I not?
You’ve got all my voices tied up in knots

So I’ll
keep on sweating my tears
digging down then wonder why I’m at the ground

don’t steal my strength in return for my weakness
I am foolish, I am human

Nails on the ground, yeah all we do is walk
issues with control, yet I keep giving it up
I keep falling into the same damn challenge
Give myself to someone then get breathed in

But I am a human, I don’t live in lungs
I can’t control my complexity and that’s what you want
I am not an AI when you’re bored you just turn on

But there will always be yous pointing blame that’s no use
Why can’t I just see the pattern though?

And I’ll
I’ll be human
It’s an inherited gene
Of foolishness, trust has a consequence
I am human

Made of sin, water, blood and mistakes
I am human
Believe in lies that youthful naive brain
I am human
There’s no one else to blame except for the fact that I
I am human