Sally (2020)

Morning dew, free feet, they don’t tire,
A smile that doesn’t cover my face, now he’s a liar
Stabs me three time, still recover
The thought I try to drown out, but it breathes water

Sally, the truth is I can’t remember,
who that man was in ’91, of September

And the thought burns in my throat,
she was right but I still want more
Nothing to miss,
and I’m starting to think that’s worse
Life was alive and my heart
doesn’t even feel no more,
and it’s soothing something I’m forced to rehearse

But I had this real nice girl, her name was Sally
I wonder what she’s doing, wonder if she thinks of me,
wonder if she got that job she was wanting?

I wonder how it’d turn out if I did right by her,
could be living in the hills instead of working at a diner,
and I wouldn’t be the man looking at me.
Sally, say my name.

Sally, say my name…
Memories pain and…